Sandwiches - served  with

 hand cut  fries , Salad or soup 


 BLT        $9.95


Classic single Clubhouse  $10.95     


Seafood single Club    $12.95

Shrimp Salad , Bacon Tomato ,Lettuce



VEGAN- VEGGIE- Toast - with fries

Hummus, Green leafy Lettuce,   Tomatoes, Red Onion, Cucumber,

Cream Balsamic                $ 10.95


Grilled Cheese      $9.95


Soups of the Day

Served with garlic Toast

Bowl         $9.95

Cup           $5.95


Chili            $ 6.95

Add fries to make it a meal  $3.00



Caesar Salad      $ 9.95

 Add :  Shrimps      $13.95


House Salad              $9.95

Crispy Lettuce, Raisons, Tomatoes Red Onion, Cucumber, Bacon, Green Onions & Croutons


Hand cut Fries              4.95

    Onion Rings                   5.95

       Coleslaw                         0.95

           Tartar                              0.95

               Gravy                               1.50

                 Poutine Fries                  7.95

Burgers -100% Beef Patties

served with  hand cut Fries

Daily Soup or Salad



House Burger                       $10.95

B-L-T & , Cheese,  Onion, Bacon


Surf and Turf Burger            $ 15.95

Beef Patty  , Prawns in batter , Bacon

Onion Rings , Tomato & cocktail sauce



Halibut Burger                       $16.95

Local Halibut in our crispy beer batter

Cheddar, lettuce and tatar sauce


West coast Burger                 $ 14.95

Local sockeye fillet topped with shrimps, bacon, and cocktail sauce Tomato and Onion



Sockeye  Burger                       $15.95

Local Sockeye filet

 in our crispy beer batter

 lettuce ,Tomato and Honey Mustard


*       Seadrift's Neptun Burger   $ 14.95

Hand peeled shrimps,

             Cold smoked Sockeye

                     Aioli , Lettuce & Tomato





Oyster Burger                  15.95

Hand breaded fresh 'Fanny Bay' oysters with tartar sauce & fries


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